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Locks protect your home, business, asset, and family from intruders. However, there are also, times when the very thing that keeps you safe can also cause serious hassle in your everyday life the moment they stop functioning correctly.

Lock damage and failure can lead to lock-ins, lock-outs, and worse, the uncertainty and anxiety of knowing that your property is left unsafe and unprotected. If your lock no longer works properly, has seen better days, or has completely failed, don’t think twice and call Keyline Locksmiths immediately! As one of the highest-rated providers of
lock upgrade services in Halesowen, West Midlands, the Keyline team can free you from your lock worries in no time!

Lock Upgrade - Find a Locksmith in Halesowen

Keyline Locksmith can replace, change, and fit your new locks. Our team will come fully equipped with the necessary supplies and tools for the job. Since your locks are your first
defence against security threats, you can’t just entrust the process to anyone. Our professional locksmiths will finish the job immediately so you can have peace of mind
knowing that you’re safe.


Door Lock Upgrade

With Keyline Locksmiths, you can count on high-standard, secure, and quick door lock upgradę and fitting service at any time. Our technicians always have an excellent selection of locks that meet the BS3621 British standard. All our locksmiths have undergone extensive
training that allows them to deal with difterent types and styles of locks on the market.


Upgrade Door Locks to British Standard

BS3621 is the lock standard set by BSI or British Standards Institute for thief-resistant locks. You can find these locks in many homes and businesses across the country. Upgrading your
door locks to British standards gives you peace of mind knowing that your security always meets the requirements to maintain the highest level of security around the clock.

BS3621 is considered the original lock standard that was introduced back in the 1960s. Here
are some of the important facts you could learn about BS3621 locks:

  • A key is used to open or exit the lock or also called keyed egress.
  • You can not open these locks on either side except if you got the key with you.
  • The newest standard version is BS 3621:2017.
  • You can usually find these locks on timber or wooden doors in residential houses
    although these are also a favorite choice in commercial premises on metal doors.
  • Unfortunately, this lock standard may not be suitable for properties with just a single exit door.

How to Tell lf My Locks Are British Standard?

One of the best and easiest ways to check if your locks conform to BS3621 is to check for the British Standard Kitemark (BSI) found on the faceplate of the lock. The locks faceplate can be seen if you open the door. The plate should be stamped with a specific standard number.