uPVC Door & Window Lock Repairs Specialist In Halesowen

Faulty door and window locks won’t be able to do the job you want and expect them to do. Locks should always be reliable for them to guard your business or home properly. If your uPVC door and window locks no longer work the same way they used to, it’s time to
call the experts at Keyline Locksmiths and get them repaired right away!

Door Lock Repair - Locks We Can Repair

Keyline Locksmith in Halesowen, West Midlands can repair almost all types of door locks you
can imagine, from knob locks to padlocks, deadbolt locks, mortise locks, cam locks, keypad
locks, smart locks, and so much more! It doesn’t matter if you have the most state-of-the-art
lock or the most traditional one; you can count on our team to get them repaired in no time.


Window Locks a Locksmith Can Repair

We repair different types of window locks that our locksmiths can repair. All our locksmithsh ave undergone training to repair different kinds of window lock mechanisms. No job is too small or too big for us. We repair window locks on uPVC, metal, and wooden windows.

Some of the most common types of window locks we deal with include keyed locks, sliding locks, log screw locks, and window latch locks.


The Door or Window Will Not Lock

Every lock on your home or business serves a purpose for the safety and security of your property, your assets, and everyone inside it. If a door or window won’t lock, you need professional help right away. Keyline Locksmiths can fix troublesome door and window locks so you won’t have to worry about anything else.


Most Common uPVC Window Problems

Damaged and rusty screws, hinges, and locks are some of the most common concerns about uPVC windows. If you leave your windows on vent or open, the lack of regular
movement can also cause them to become stiff or stuck, making them harder to close or

The tiny oblong holes at the lower part of the windows can also get blocked, preventing the drainage of water out of the frame, which can result in the development of internal dampness
under the window. Weak catches and handles can also occur.


Common uPVC Door Problems

All doors will normally face wear and tear over time. But uPVC door owners may end up dealing with more issues than others. Since these doors are some of the most common choices for front doors in Britain, it’s important to be familiar with the problems you might encounter with uPVC doors:

  • uPVC doors often have cheap locks that might be easy to tamper with, allowing burglars to gain access to a property. While cheap locks can keep the cost of your UPVC door down, it may lead to more expenses if a break-in occurs.
  • Locks in uPVC doors can get weak and break because of the constant pressure they deal with during everyday use. You might end up dealing with a stuck door that you
    can’t lock or unlock, both of which are situations you don’t want to find yourself in.
  • Misaligned locks are possibly the most common problem that uPVC door owners
    deal with. Once the lock becomes misaligned, you will soon find it hard to unlock or unlock your door because its locking mechanism no longer matches the doorframe.