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European style metal doors produced using modern technologies

European style metal doors Metal doors produced using modern technologies have a smooth surface and smooth lines and an attractive appearance, depending on the technological process and the cultural level of the manufacturing organization.

There are several criteria by which you can determine the appearance of a European-style door block:

Thanks to the use of a first-class metal sheet, without mechanical damage and cavities, the painting of the metal surface takes place without the formation of roughness on it. The result is a powder surface of perfect smoothness. Because a cavity is the formation of mechanical damage on the metal surface that appears during the rolling of a metal sheet.

European style metal doors – Box holes.

Decorative elements made of polycarbonate and stainless steel close the holes created for the locks of the lock and for the details with which the boxes are attached to the wall.

The presence of decorative panels. Modern metal doors have removable decorative panels. With the help of a framing profile, it is attached to the canvas. And it is possible to choose a decorative panel to match the color of the interior, floor or interior doors.

End framing profile of the canvas.

This profile holds the decorative panels on both sides and covers the end of the door. If such a need arises, And it is possible to rebuild the profile from one end in order to replace the desired decorative panel.

Coating of door hardware.

Protects accessories from harmful influences and gives a stylish appearance. So this is of great importance, because these structural elements are most often exploited. In order for the look of the fittings to remain in its original form for a long time. And you should take only fittings with a high-quality coating from a trusted manufacturer. European style metal doors

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