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locksmith – Characteristics that a locksmith possesses

When should you hire a locksmith?

The time to hire the services of a locksmith will be when the person cannot access their premises,
building or property on their own, either because they have lost the keys to enter, because the keys
broke when trying to open the lock, because the lock is stuck and damaged, or because the lock is simply
failing and you can’t open it, even with the key. Already at this time, many clients decide in any case to
make the call to be able to hire a locksmith.

locksmiths are available 24/7

In these cases, it becomes evident that this can happen at any time of the day, which is why many
locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to serve customers who need to be able
to open to gain access. whether to your vehicle, house, apartment, room, building, as well as those
objects such as safes or other items that have a lock.

the characteristics that a professional who is dedicated to locksmith

the following can be counted:

  •  A professional trained in a specialized technical school and certified by it as a professional
  •  Attached to a professional association of locksmiths, which guarantees that he is a professional
    dedicated to this and fully prepared.
  •  He has the necessary legal perissology to be able to work in this area, since this is a job with risks
    and he needs to have all the papers in order to be able to work and work fully.
  •  It has the necessary tools and technical instruments to be able to carry out its work as a locksmith, effectively and efficiently.

Why is it important to acquire the service of a locksmith?
In general, the importance today of the locksmith is due to a large extent, because he is a professional fully prepared to be able to access those places where the person cannot enter, either because of the damage that the lock has suffered or because it has lost the keys to it, for this reason the situation arises in which people are completely in crisis and urgently need to be able to access said object, place or vehicle.

Given this, the fundamental importance of the locksmith lies in the fact that he can do an expeditious,
fast job without any problem, thus being able to enter any place, vehicle or object that has a lock and that it is seriously damaged or that does not lock. have the key to open it, for which many undoubtedly in these cases immediately call a locksmith so that he can carry out the corresponding tasks to open said object, vehicle or property.


The trade of the locksmith is a job that today is essential for many since it has become increasingly
necessary to have this type of service to be able to open those locks that for some reason cannot be
opened by means of the traditional method with your key, for this reason locksmiths have become a
highly demanded profession in the world, because it is essential for many to be able to access any place,
object or vehicle, when they cannot access it. Finally being the locksmith who has the possibility of
opening and accessing said object, building or vehicle that requires to be opened.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

What a security lock is, the quality of the installed product

security lock – The effectiveness of the enclosures depends on the chosen method.

The quality of the installed  security lock

For this reason, it is essential to know the different types of security locks, their particular characteristics and their functions to guarantee an effective closure.

To begin with, it is key to take into account what a security lock is. In this case, it is a mechanism
designed to ensure the closure of openings and safes. Since they prevent and block the opening of
doors, gates and protection elements to store valuable personal items, such as money, jewelry and
important documentation.

security locks that exist

In this article, security lock you will learn what are the types of security locks that exist on the market. You will be able to know its technical features and its applications. You will discover how a bolt works and which is
the most appropriate lock depending on the type of door. Read on to secure your belongings!

The world of locksmiths

The world of locksmithing is broader than it seems. about  security lock We no longer speak only of a key, handle, latch or pin. The incorporation of new technologies and innovations in the field of home security have driven the
development of stronger, more resistant and more reliable locks.

The heterogeneity of products is the result of the growing need to guarantee the protection of personal
items, but also of the mass use of these products and the multiplicity of models of openings and safes
where to install them. Therefore, below, you will see what are the types of security locks available on
the market.

mortise locks

The mortise locks are embedded in the side of the openings. It is a convenient system because it goes
unnoticed since it is inside the door. The only thing visible to the naked eye is the bowler or hole for the
key and the handle. It is among the most popular locksmith mechanisms.

Recommended to install

this type of security locks on wooden or metal doors. The chosen material must be strong enough to support the bolt. On the market, you will find both traditional mortise locks and security mortise locks.

Rim locks

Rim locks are a practical alternative to mortise locks. They are installed on the door leaf itself, on its
internal side. security lock For this reason, they can be covered with a casing that fulfills a double function, both aesthetic and protective for the mechanism. Likewise, rim locks are classified into those with a single locking point and multipoint locks with several bolts.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

What are the 5 types of security locks that exist on the market

security locks Topic

you will learn what types of security locks exist on the market. You will be able to know its technical features and its applications.

You will discover how a bolt works and which is the most appropriate lock depending on the type of door.

1.     Multipoint locks

Multipoint locks are those that include several anchor points to guarantee greater security. A multipoint lock differs precisely from a deadbolt or bolt because the latter usually has a single anchor point. The more points, the more protection, and efficiency. In general, domestic models have 3 to 7 anchors, security locks.

In turn, multipoint locks can be sub-classified between mortise locks and rim locks. That is, they can be installed under both modalities. In addition to providing security, when the mechanism is embedded, it increases the rigidity of the door and prevents it from being forced open. For this reason, the embedded multipoint lock is one of the safest on the market.

2.     digital lock

The advancement of technology in the world of locksmithing is glimpsed with the creation of the electronic lock. Digital locks work with an electronic system that releases or blocks both the closing and opening of objects.

This device provides greater security since the ways to access are more limited. Unlike conventional mechanisms, it is not necessary to use a key. Instead, it can be activated with an electronic card, a digital device, a fingerprint reader, a code, or a remote control. Although they became popular in companies and accommodations, they are increasingly used in domestic settings in security locks.

3.     Gorges locks

The locks have an elongated opening instead of a bowler. The key that opens the mechanism is cylindrical and elongated and has two lateral bits at the end. It is one of the most conventional old keys, but that is not why they are safe. In fact, today it has largely lost its usefulness as professional opening systems have been created to breach the security they offer. The existence of magic keys to open locks of this type threatens the tranquility of any family or company. Therefore, the installation of security locks is currently discouraged.

4.     tubular locks

Tubular locks are an interesting and distinct element of the different types of security locks. The lock has a hollow circumference, while the key is formed by a raised circumference. This mechanism is subdivided into inline tubular locks and radial tubular locks.

5.     Invisible security locks

Invisible security locks belong to the group of electronic locks, but they stand out for being subtle. As they cannot be seen, they do not attract the attention of the curious or arouse the interest of thieves. This mechanism stands out because it is easy to install. It can be activated or deactivated to restrict access to delimited areas, to protect documents or to control access to certain areas.

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How to install a security lock?

Security locks with bars are one of the safest mechanisms, similar to the benefit offered by armored doors. This system incorporates horizontal or vertical bars inside metallic or wooden openings.

The fixed bar model is activated from the internal side of the door manually. In contrast, the free bar lock moves when the mechanism is operated with the key from either side. In both cases, the bars are a device attached to the traditional surmount models to strengthen the structure and intensify security.

How to install a security lock?

The installation of a locking mechanism will depend on the type and model of the security lock, as well as the available surface and the knowledge of the installer. These factors can determine the complexity of the task.

Beyond the difficulty, the placement of a multipoint lock is recommended instead of simple models to increase the tranquility of the inhabitants or the owners. Next, you will be able to learn how to install a multipoint security lock instead of a simple lock.

  • Loosen the old lock.
  • Remove the handle and the entire frame.
  • Remove the bowler or cylinder, depending on the type of previous bolt.
  • Measure the new lock. You can mark the location with a pencil.
  • With a drill and a milling machine, make holes in the box to fix it on the door and make the channel where the anchor points will go. Calculate the depth well.
  • Cleans the remains of chips and metal.
  • Place the new lock helping you with a rubber mallet. Drill the missing holes and install the screws.
  • Finally, install the cylinder on the door, the frame, and the handle.

In some cases, hiring a professional locksmith is advised. For example, when it comes to changing a lock to a cylinder lock. In this way, you will save money and time because you can damage the mechanism if you use too much force or misplace the parts.

The most suitable lock depends on the type of door or platform

Buying the right security lock is an important step to securing what belongs to you. If you make the right choice, you will save money and time during lock installation and maintenance.

Discover which is the most suitable lock depending on the type of door or platform.


Mortise locks are ideal for wooden or metal doors due to their resistance.

Rim locks were used on old armored doors. They are usually installed in openings that need to be modified and do not have space for a built-in lock.

Digital locks are ideal for offices, hotels, and tourist apartments. More than the type of door, the type of power necessary to guarantee the correct operation of the device must be considered. Since, in some cases, a connection to the electrical network must be available. While other models have batteries.

Multipoint locks can be installed on security doors such as armored and armored doors. The placement of multipoint mortise locks on wooden doors that are not prepared is not recommended, because it could damage the structure of the opening. In these cases, the ideal is to opt for the multipoint rim lock.

The locks can be installed on any type of door. But its use is discouraged since it does not guarantee the minimum levels of security.

Tubular locks are not usually installed on doors. Instead, they are used in ATMs, display cabinets, and vending machines, among other objects.

Invisible security locks are perfect for limiting access to certain offices or rooms within the same company or house.

Security bar locks can be installed on metal or wooden doors.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

Lock Maintenance Tips

Lock Maintenance

The best advice for lock maintenance will always be to consult an expert, and our locksmiths, are great professionals who will be at your disposal to solve any doubt or incident. However, there are certain simple care measures available to everyone to maintain the good condition of these mechanisms as much as possible, thus preventing them from causing major problems in the future.

Tricks for the correct lock maintenance

Some of the most useful advice we can offer you are:

  1. Avoid the use of lubricants because they can cause clogging. If we want to obtain more smoothness when inserting the key, the ideal will be to use graphite powder.
  2. For best lock maintenance To clean the outer ends, the ideal is to avoid chemical products and use only a damp cloth.
  3. We must avoid inserting the key if it has become dirty with some type of grease, lubricant, or viscous substance that could obstruct the lock.
  4. We must also make sure that the keys are in perfect condition, without damage or breakage, before introducing it, because it could get trapped or detach a particle inside.
  5. We have to make sure that we push it all the way in and only then put pressure on it because otherwise, it could damage the system.
  6. Under no circumstances should foreign objects be introduced as this could damage and jam the system.
  7. If when turning the key we notice that we have to apply more pressure than normal, we should not force it and we have to call a professional immediately.
  8. It is also recommended to leave the key out of the lock after use, for best lock maintenance since leaving it inside the system will wear out more quickly.

When should lock maintenance be performed?

lock maintenance

It is recommended to carry out a more specific cleaning of the lock if the system begins to fail, either because the key is stuck, it has to be forced to turn or it does not enter easily. To do this we must follow a few simple steps: remove the screws from the lock, the handle, and the trim to gain access to the interior of the lock. We must gently clean the accumulated dust with a brush. Next, it is recommended to apply graphite powder to the lock so that the keys slide more smoothly. Finally, replace the removed parts.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

Do you have questions about smart locks?

Smart locks are on the rise. More and more owners and managers choose to install them in their tourist accommodations. Together with other technological solutions that expedite check-in, such as Choking, they facilitate arrival and registration for both guests and administrators.

However, they still create mistrust due to widespread ignorance of how they work. If you are thinking of installing it but need information, we help you decide by answering the most frequent questions about smart locks.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are devices that digitize the opening of doors in general: hotels, tourist apartments, residential homes, etc. In this way, the door can be opened without the use of a key and it is the owner who gives access to its opening.

In addition to being easy to install, they do not usually require complex installations or modifications, and with few exceptions, they are very easy to use.

How do they work?

There are many types of smart locks, each with a different method of opening and installation.

The opening can be produced by numerical keys -if it is a lock with a keyboard-; fingerprints; or electronic keys that are used through an application on the mobile phone,… there is a large market where you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

As for the installation, there is not a similar process for all of them either, since they depend on the type of accommodation where they are going to be placed. For example, in a house for tourist use, it will be necessary to be able to give access not only to the main door but also to the portal. If the installation requires any visible modification to the intercom, you must request permission from the community of neighbors as it is a common element. In any case, electronic locks have come a long way in recent years and are becoming less invasive.

Are they safe?

Completely. Smart locks include security systems that make them even more secure than mechanical locks. These methods vary depending on the type of lock. For example, code locks, are locked after the number of attempts that the owner sets.

In any case, in almost all cases these devices are compatible with analog locks. So if it makes you feel more secure, you can keep both.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

How to deal with a faulty door locks

How to deal with a faulty door locks

It is not surprising that the cheaper the door locks, the less reliable it is – the load is distributed incorrectly and in this regard, cases of broken handles, jammed door locks and elementary break-ins are quite common. In the event of a breakdown, repair usually comes down to a complete replacement of the lock.

More expensive door locks and locking systems are more durable and have a longer service life. But even with them, force majeure cases are not excluded at all. If there were violations during installation, or there was inaccurate operation, then sooner or later a general imbalance will occur, and, as a result, the door lock will jam or block.

Repair or change?

For any person, the natural desire in case of problems with the door locks will be to try to repair it – it’s cheaper, and, it would seem, less hassle. But here you need to be guided not so much by the amount announced for the repair or replacement, but by the expediency of this or that choice.

For example, you can repair an old castle that has served for many years. But no one can guarantee that it will work flawlessly for a long time. Yes, and the details for it, perhaps, are no longer available. In such cases, it would be more correct to replace the lock and be sure of the reasonableness of this decision.

And there are times when it is enough to tighten the elements or replace the insert of the replaceable block, and the lock will be like new.

Opening locks around the clock

In order not to fall for such specialists, you need to take a sober look at things and turn to trusted professionals for help. For an experienced craftsman, it will not be difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown and offer the best solution to eliminate it.

our company has been performing work on the repair and replacement of  door locks of any complexity, as well as opening door locks for various purposes. The best specialists are ready to respond to a call at any time of the day and quickly and efficiently solve any problem related to door locks.

You can, of course, try to disassemble the yourself and even replace it.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

Locksmiths Services – Why You Should Use a Locksmith Service ?

Why You Should Use a Locksmiths Services ?

Locksmiths Services Opening the lock may be needed unexpectedly – a person never knows when the door will slam shut or the key will get stuck. This is why it is best to always carry the phone number of a trustworthy company that offers specialized services. The lock picking service works around the clock – this is a prerequisite, because if the door slammed at two in the morning, it is important that the master arrives as quickly as possible.

Locksmiths Services Masters strongly do not recommend trying to open the door yourself: this can aggravate the problem, damage the lock even more, and also deform the door and the door frame. As a result, self-opening of door locks is fraught with additional financial costs, which can be quite significant.

A good master performs emergency Locksmiths Services opening of doors without damaging the locking mechanism

A good master Locksmiths Services performs emergency opening of doors without damaging the locking mechanism, so you should not worry about additional costs for a new lock model.

It guarantees 100% quality.

as well as the fact that the Locksmiths Services will not suffer at all, which means that it will not require replacement, which would entail additional costs.

The client will be able to safely use his lock further. And this is very important when it comes to expensive doors covered with rare materials. A real specialist tries to find an individual approach, both to each client and to each lock, thanks to which his work turns out to be impeccable.

When an autopsy is performed by specialists 

When an autopsy is performed by specialists, work is carried out only in the presence of the owners of a commercial establishment or housing, when they provide the relevant documents. If this is not possible, the master will bypass the neighbors, who will confirm the identity of the owner.

So, if you need to open the lock, you should not make independent attempts to do this – even if you get into the room, after such an intervention, the mechanism will most likely have to be changed. It will be much more reliable, and in the end cheaper, to call a master Locksmiths Services from a specialized company who will arrive within half an hour and fix the problem as quickly as possible. After his intervention, the lock can be safely used further, since replacement is generally required in extremely rare cases.