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Lock Maintenance Tips

Lock Maintenance

The best advice for lock maintenance will always be to consult an expert, and our locksmiths, are great professionals who will be at your disposal to solve any doubt or incident. However, there are certain simple care measures available to everyone to maintain the good condition of these mechanisms as much as possible, thus preventing them from causing major problems in the future.

Tricks for the correct lock maintenance

Some of the most useful advice we can offer you are:

  1. Avoid the use of lubricants because they can cause clogging. If we want to obtain more smoothness when inserting the key, the ideal will be to use graphite powder.
  2. For best lock maintenance To clean the outer ends, the ideal is to avoid chemical products and use only a damp cloth.
  3. We must avoid inserting the key if it has become dirty with some type of grease, lubricant, or viscous substance that could obstruct the lock.
  4. We must also make sure that the keys are in perfect condition, without damage or breakage, before introducing it, because it could get trapped or detach a particle inside.
  5. We have to make sure that we push it all the way in and only then put pressure on it because otherwise, it could damage the system.
  6. Under no circumstances should foreign objects be introduced as this could damage and jam the system.
  7. If when turning the key we notice that we have to apply more pressure than normal, we should not force it and we have to call a professional immediately.
  8. It is also recommended to leave the key out of the lock after use, for best lock maintenance since leaving it inside the system will wear out more quickly.

When should lock maintenance be performed?

lock maintenance

It is recommended to carry out a more specific cleaning of the lock if the system begins to fail, either because the key is stuck, it has to be forced to turn or it does not enter easily. To do this we must follow a few simple steps: remove the screws from the lock, the handle, and the trim to gain access to the interior of the lock. We must gently clean the accumulated dust with a brush. Next, it is recommended to apply graphite powder to the lock so that the keys slide more smoothly. Finally, replace the removed parts.

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