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Do you have questions about smart locks?

Smart locks are on the rise. More and more owners and managers choose to install them in their tourist accommodations. Together with other technological solutions that expedite check-in, such as Choking, they facilitate arrival and registration for both guests and administrators.

However, they still create mistrust due to widespread ignorance of how they work. If you are thinking of installing it but need information, we help you decide by answering the most frequent questions about smart locks.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are devices that digitize the opening of doors in general: hotels, tourist apartments, residential homes, etc. In this way, the door can be opened without the use of a key and it is the owner who gives access to its opening.

In addition to being easy to install, they do not usually require complex installations or modifications, and with few exceptions, they are very easy to use.

How do they work?

There are many types of smart locks, each with a different method of opening and installation.

The opening can be produced by numerical keys -if it is a lock with a keyboard-; fingerprints; or electronic keys that are used through an application on the mobile phone,… there is a large market where you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

As for the installation, there is not a similar process for all of them either, since they depend on the type of accommodation where they are going to be placed. For example, in a house for tourist use, it will be necessary to be able to give access not only to the main door but also to the portal. If the installation requires any visible modification to the intercom, you must request permission from the community of neighbors as it is a common element. In any case, electronic locks have come a long way in recent years and are becoming less invasive.

Are they safe?

Completely. Smart locks include security systems that make them even more secure than mechanical locks. These methods vary depending on the type of lock. For example, code locks, are locked after the number of attempts that the owner sets.

In any case, in almost all cases these devices are compatible with analog locks. So if it makes you feel more secure, you can keep both.

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