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How to deal with a faulty door locks

How to deal with a faulty door locks

It is not surprising that the cheaper the door locks, the less reliable it is – the load is distributed incorrectly and in this regard, cases of broken handles, jammed door locks and elementary break-ins are quite common. In the event of a breakdown, repair usually comes down to a complete replacement of the lock.

More expensive door locks and locking systems are more durable and have a longer service life. But even with them, force majeure cases are not excluded at all. If there were violations during installation, or there was inaccurate operation, then sooner or later a general imbalance will occur, and, as a result, the door lock will jam or block.

Repair or change?

For any person, the natural desire in case of problems with the door locks will be to try to repair it – it’s cheaper, and, it would seem, less hassle. But here you need to be guided not so much by the amount announced for the repair or replacement, but by the expediency of this or that choice.

For example, you can repair an old castle that has served for many years. But no one can guarantee that it will work flawlessly for a long time. Yes, and the details for it, perhaps, are no longer available. In such cases, it would be more correct to replace the lock and be sure of the reasonableness of this decision.

And there are times when it is enough to tighten the elements or replace the insert of the replaceable block, and the lock will be like new.

Opening locks around the clock

In order not to fall for such specialists, you need to take a sober look at things and turn to trusted professionals for help. For an experienced craftsman, it will not be difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown and offer the best solution to eliminate it.

our company has been performing work on the repair and replacement of  door locks of any complexity, as well as opening door locks for various purposes. The best specialists are ready to respond to a call at any time of the day and quickly and efficiently solve any problem related to door locks.

You can, of course, try to disassemble the yourself and even replace it.

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