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The key is broken in the lock: what to do?

The key is broken in the lock: what to do?

A piece of key stuck in the keyhole is a very unpleasant situation, and many people have experienced this. As a rule, when a key breaks, a person involuntarily panics, because he cannot just get into his own apartment. This situation is aggravated by a number of factors: a kettle on the stove, a small child left alone, the iron not turned off, and so on.

 No one is immune from such situations, since even the strongest key can break if used incorrectly or by brute force. And therefore, it will be very useful to enlist a memo that will help to avoid such situations or tell you what to do if a key fragment is stuck in the keyhole.

 Why is this happening?

The most unfavorable outcome is the total breakdown of the key, when it breaks almost at the base. This can happen for 3 different reasons:


·         if you insert it into the keyhole and accidentally hit the ear with force;

·         if you apply too much force when the key is jammed in the lock;

·         if the rod was originally made of soft metals and deformed over time.

It is worth paying attention to the key itself, as you can protect yourself from such incidents. Did you find that the lock began to turn much tighter and open every other time, but at the same time the master lubricated it with special grease not so long ago? It’s probably all about the key. If its rod is bent and the teeth are worn out, then this can lead to jamming and, as a result, breakage.

 It is highly recommended to pay attention to the following alarming factors:


·         the key turns too tight in the lock and you have to make an effort;

·         during the closing / opening of the door, an unpleasant creak or some kind of extraneous sound is heard;

·         the bolt does not enter the lock completely, and therefore you have to pull the door towards you or to the side;

·         you can’t get the key out the first time because it’s like something is holding it inside.

If you find at least one of these factors, then you need to seek help from an experienced specialist. Perhaps you should change the key itself, and this will help correct the situation and prevent it from breaking.

 What should I do if the key is stuck in the lock and won’t come out?

Do not try to pull it even harder, because this way you can not only break the key, but also damage the locking mechanism of the lock, as a result of which it will have to be completely replaced with a new one.

 If the key does not pull out and does not turn, then seek help from specialized companies that can be found on the Internet. In extreme cases, you can call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and tell them about your situation. They will either help with valuable advice or send an operational team.

 How to pull out a chip

Now let’s go directly to the essence of the most important question: what if the key is broken, and its fragment remains in the lock? For starters, do not try to pull it out with another piece – the eyelet that was left in your hand. You will not be able to pick it up and only drive it even deeper into the well.

 If a chip protrudes even a millimeter from the slot – great! You can consider yourself very lucky. You can pull it out in the following way:


·         Find narrow nose pliers. Please note, not ordinary pliers, namely narrow-nosed pliers, as they are ideal for working with small objects, and the ribbed inner surface provides a strong grip. You can ask one of your neighbors or get them at any hardware/hardware store, they are inexpensive.

·         Gently pinch the chip. Try to press the handles of the narrow nose pliers a few times and make sure you have a really tight grip on the shank.

·         Pull the chip towards you. It is necessary to act slowly, do not pull.

There are 3 possible scenarios here. First: the key will give in, but tight, and then you need to move further along the rod over and over again. Second: the chip will come out without any difficulty. Third, the narrow nose pliers will come off and you will need to find another way.

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Types of locks and keys

locks and keys

Types of locks and keys

there are many types of locks and keys but the main types of locks and keys we will discuss in this article 


The key to the cylinder lock. One of the most common types of locks. Very low protective properties. Usually, lock cylinders with such keys are poorly protected from key selection or force breaking of the cylinder.         


The key to the cylinder lock. Almost identical to the first key, but complicated by the use of the second side of the key. The security properties of a lock with such a key are only slightly higher than with an ordinary English key.    


The key to the cylinder lock. Also a very common type of locks with very low security properties. Despite the rather complex shape of the key, due to the insufficiently hard metals used in the locks, such locks can be broken with a simple screwdriver.      


The key to the disk cylinder lock. Low protective properties. Practically not protected from power hacking and drilling.  


The key to the cylinder lock. Cheap Turkish and Chinese locks, with cylinders of this type, are quickly opened by thieves by simply breaking the larvae or bumping, using a specially made key or percussion gun. More expensive, modern locks, with bumping protection and armor plates protecting the lock cylinder from force, are a good protection for your property. 


Another common name is “safe” – the key to the lock with a lever mechanism. A good lock of this class can make the most experienced burglar sweat. Like other locks, this one has its weaknesses – simple, cheap locks are quickly opened with a special thieves’ tool – a roll, or drilling.

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Why a private Locksmith, and not a company

private Locksmith

Why a private Locksmith, and not a company

private Locksmith – Lock picking service – why do they turn to the Locksmith, and not to the company?

 Most people, taking care of their property, install reliable locks on the front doors to a house, apartment or garage – and rightly so!

The iron door should protect against the entry of unauthorized persons into the office or other premises. However, no one is immune from breaking locks; sometimes the car or the trunk in it does not open. Then a person finds himself in an unpleasant situation – all plans collapse, and after opening with a crowbar or a drill, you have to reinstall expensive doors completely.

To avoid all this, you should contact a private locksmith. Thanks to his services, any doors will open quickly, and the property will remain safe and sound. No need to change doors or locks to them.

Why choose a private Locksmith?

Many firms offer services for opening locks, but their quality is not always satisfactory. It’s all about the human factor, because the staff of such firms changes quite often and does not always have experience. An employee may quit, and if he does something of poor quality, it will be difficult to prove his guilt or compensate for the damage caused.

A private Locksmith works for himself and for his reputation, he always provides a guarantee for the work done. In addition, it is worth highlighting the following advantages:

  1.  great experience, since a single person deals with breakdowns of locks of various types and types;
  2.  high responsibility;
  3.   availability of professional tools and the ability to use them;
  4.  constant study of new techniques for opening locks without damaging the door;
  5.   it will be much faster and easier to arrange an arrival to open the lock with the Locksmith than through an intermediary operator;
  6.  work is carried out more accurately;
  7.   services of firms are more expensive, since the payment includes the full cost of maintaining the office, manager, and staff.
  8.   A private Locksmith always brings the matter to the end, even in the most difficult situations. He can do any doors – wooden, metal, armored. A person works for himself, and he has something to try for, unlike an employee of the company.

 Locksmiths are usually generalists, they will help you deal with both the front door of a house or apartment, and with a domestic or imported car and its trunk.

Commercial Industries Locks locksmiths Security

The difference between locks according to the locking mechanism

locking mechanism

The difference between locks according to the locking mechanism

Undoubtedly, reliability is the most important quality of a lock. But ease of use also plays a big role in choosing one or another model of the locking mechanism. Consider the main designs of locks according to the locking mechanism in terms of their reliability and ease of use.

Rigel castle

 Crossbar locks. “Rigel”, translated from German – bolt or valve. It is the deadbolt that is the main part of the mechanisms of this type. A distinctive feature of crossbar locks is the special design of the key. A sufficiently long key has characteristic oblique cuts of a certain shape. 

The lock is unlocked not due to the usual rotation of the key, but by its linear movement. Such a mechanism is quite popular and is often used for installation in doors of various types. Electromechanical crossbar locks have become the crowning achievement of the development of locks of a similar design today. They are equipped with door opening sensors and are equipped with an electric lock. The main disadvantage of crossbar locks is the need to use large and not always convenient keys.

Electronic lock

 Electronic locks are the embodiment of the latest developments of modern engineers. Appearing as a way to conveniently lock cars, the locking mechanisms of this design were smoothly “pumped” to the front doors. Opening of such locks occurs by using electronic keys, built-in panels, etc. In the reliability rating, many experts give the palm to electronic locks. The disadvantages of these locks, perhaps, include only a relatively high cost.

Code lock

Code locks. Such locking devices are most widely used in places where it is necessary to ensure high throughput. Combination locks are an integral attribute of many entrances of apartment buildings, industrial premises, and offices Using such locks, there is no need to give out keys to a huge number of people, because the necessary combination of numbers is stored in memory. Combination locks are quite unpretentious and reliable. The disadvantages of such structures include insufficient security against hacking.

Level lock

Lever and cylinder locks. Despite the fundamental differences in the designs of these types of locks, we will combine them into one category. The reason is simple – they are the most popular Cylinder lock More than 60% of the used locks fall on lever and cylinder locks. The main advantages of these structures are sufficiently high reliability, durability, ease of use and relatively low cost.

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Repairing a broken lock or installing a new one?


The best protection for property is a reliable door lock. In order for the door to the apartment not to be broken into, the lock must be strong and work properly. The best protection against thieves is a good door lock.

 Even the highest quality locks can fail over time. Constant operation leads to the fact that the mechanisms inside the locking device may break, in which case the lock either does not work at all or jams.

What to do if the lock is broken: buy a new one or repair the old one?

Buying a new castle will cost much more than repairing it. And besides, different models of door panels have different locks, you will also need to look for a mechanism suitable for the door. Therefore, the most optimal solution is to repair the old “native” lock for the door.

 Locking mechanisms made from a variety of materials are not difficult to repair, for this you need to have certain skills and experience.

Benefits of lock repair

The main advantage of repairing locks is that it costs less to repair a locking mechanism than to buy a new one. And it will probably take less time to repair than to search for a new castle.

 Our site offers a lock repair service. An experienced master will quickly figure out what is the cause of the malfunction and eliminate the breakdown. A competent specialist will cope with the repair of any complexity. Whatever the cause of the malfunction, the master will identify it. If such a need arises, the specialist will replace the broken metal part in the core of the lock. The master uses modern technologies in his work, allowing him to perform high-quality repair of locks.

The master has all the necessary tools for repairing locks

 There are many options for door locks. A specialist can repair any lock on a door made of any material. You can repair cylinder, lever, electromechanical, pin, disk locks. Repair of locks is carried out not only on the front doors, but also on interior doors. The master will carefully change the larva, the door leaf will not be damaged during the manipulations to restore the operation of the locking mechanism, the lock will work like new.

 After the repair, the lock will work properly, last for many years and ensure the reliable safety of your property.

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Proper operation of door and garage locks

Proper operation of door and garage locks

Over time, people began to fence off their homes with fences, gates and doors that cannot be imagined without a lock. Previously, locks were used only to close extremely important objects. But at the moment, each person seeks to secure himself and his home as best as possible.

 Products such as door locks can gradually wear out, creak, and eventually become unusable. And there can be a huge number of reasons for such consequences. It is important to remember that it is not advisable to repair the lock yourself. Since even a banal replacement of the lock cylinder can bring problems. Carrying out such a procedure may be quite enough to restore the operation of a faulty lock, but if you approach it from the right side.

 If you operate the lock on the door or on the garage as correctly and accurately as possible. Then it will be possible to avoid breakage and replacement, which is far from the easiest process.

How to choose garage and door locks

Proper operation of door and garage locks

Initially, it is worth taking the choice of a lock with all seriousness so that it does not break when you first open or close the door. The purchase should be made only in specialized stores, where they can provide certificates for serviceability and for testing products.

 There are also a number of basic requirements for choosing locks.

  a high-quality lock should have several burglary protections

  • Do not give preference to too cheap goods
  • The use of lever locks is not desirable
  • If the lock has an armored cap mounted on a pin or a cylinder, then it can be easily hacked. And therefore this is far from the best option
  • Combination locks are considered one of the most unclaimed, as they break open in a couple of minutes.

How to care for door and garage locks

Every homeowner should be aware that locks need to be maintained by lubricating the top of the structure with machine oil. Also, when opening and closing, it is not advisable to turn the key over to the opposite side, as this can damage the teeth, the keyhole and. First of all, the secrets inside the lock. If you need to open the door, you do not need to use homemade hacking devices and master keys, since such actions can only harm the lock.

As now, the age of information technology is coming, electronic locks began to appear, to open which you do not need an iron key, but you need a special magnetic card encoded for this object. Hacking such locks is practically impossible, since special sensors installed will contradict it.

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Replacing the lock on your own or calling the master?

security lock

Replacing the lock on your own or calling the master?

Replacing the lock – The more valuable the property, the better it should be locked up. And the more complex the lock, the more reliable it is. What happens if a good reliable lock brakes? And it can happen to anyone. And it’s good if it breaks unlocked and not in an emergency. The same applies to the situation with lost keys – if the last copy is lost or there is no time to wait for a spare, then the lock will have to be replaced.

How to proceed in such a case?

If the lock has broken locked, it will be much more difficult to dismantle it without the danger of damaging the door. At best, this will take a lot of time, at worst, the door, which is usually much more expensive than the lock, will also be damaged. And it is more difficult to replace it. And if it is the door of an expensive car or a solid door of a room where valuables are stored?

It is most reasonable to attract a qualified specialist with the necessary skills and a professional tool for this. And the door will remain as safe as possible, and the new lock will be installed so as to last as long as possible.

If the lock is open, but refuses to close normally

 the problem, at first glance, seems less – after all, it will be easier to dismantle the broken lock. But even then, not every lock lends itself to non-professional replacement. Even with tools. By inviting a professional master. You are guaranteed to solve this problem. Experience, skill, tools, components – this will allow you to cope with the replacement of the lock quickly and for sure.

How much does it cost to replace a lock?

This will depend on several factors. The first is the class of secrecy or burglary resistance of the lock. The higher it is, the more complex the mechanism and work with it, the more important the accuracy during installation, otherwise the new lock may break too quickly.

after all, it is important to perform them in such a way that the door is minimally damaged, and this will take time. And sometimes it turns out to be quite difficult.

However, these costs pay off. You don’t have to frantically look for how to open a locked door, how to dismantle a broken lock, waste time trying to cope with a completely unfamiliar job. The master of opening and replacing locks will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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Different types of smart locks

smart locks

Different types of smart locks

With the development of science and technology, the safety of private space has become an important point for us. And with the increasing popularity of smart homes, smart locks have become the first step to protect our private space.


Therefore, the latest smart security door locks have two advantages that people can’t refuse: safety and convenience. Due to their lower cost and improved functionality, smart locks are quickly becoming popular in homes and businesses around the world. It lets you in and out whenever you want, but it also tracks who goes in and out of your accommodation, even if you’re abroad.

latest smart locks

The latest smart locks come in different shapes and sizes and have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Voice Assistance features. You can create an eye-catching style statement with your new smart locks in front of your guests. You can easily buy high-tech, keyless digital locks for double door entry.


You can also connect and operate different door latches from a single network or Smartphone. As many other door locks are available, one can easily find one that suits his requirements.

At the same time, the smart primary door lock can also be connected to your home WIFI network and remotely send a password or mobile phone command to help visitors who visit your home unlock the door.


Smart locks can be classified according to different situations. There are mainly the following four categories. Types of smart lock according to the place of use

1. Smart door lock for hotel door

Intelligent hotel door locks are mainly used in hotels, and their functions are relatively single. Generally speaking, the RFID key card smart hotel lock is the only choice.

2. smart lock for apartment doors:

Flat Smart Locks are generally used for renting houses, apartments, rooms and hotels. The functions are more targeted, including passwords, swiping cards, Bluetooth, temporary passwords, and networking.

3. home door smart locks:

The fingerprint smart home lock is used in our standard home. This type of lock is more common, and there are many ways to open it.

4. smart lock for security door

The smart security door lock is a smart lock specially designed for villa security doors. The most obvious difference between household locks is their appearance. At the same time, its stability will be higher, the material will be better, and the price will be higher.

5. office door smart lock

The smart office lock is specially designed for office glass doors, mainly used in shopping malls and office areas.

6. Smart lock for cabinet doors

Especially used in various storage cabinets, drawers, cupboards and other places. The types of cabinet locks available in the market speak to their demand. There are automatic locker types in which you can keep medicines, cleaning supplies, essential files or alcoholic beverages in a locker with an open door. Cabinet Door Lock Types have lever locks for storing important items. Also, different types of door locks are available for cabinet or locker lock types.