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Different types of smart locks

smart locks

Different types of smart locks

With the development of science and technology, the safety of private space has become an important point for us. And with the increasing popularity of smart homes, smart locks have become the first step to protect our private space.


Therefore, the latest smart security door locks have two advantages that people can’t refuse: safety and convenience. Due to their lower cost and improved functionality, smart locks are quickly becoming popular in homes and businesses around the world. It lets you in and out whenever you want, but it also tracks who goes in and out of your accommodation, even if you’re abroad.

latest smart locks

The latest smart locks come in different shapes and sizes and have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Voice Assistance features. You can create an eye-catching style statement with your new smart locks in front of your guests. You can easily buy high-tech, keyless digital locks for double door entry.


You can also connect and operate different door latches from a single network or Smartphone. As many other door locks are available, one can easily find one that suits his requirements.

At the same time, the smart primary door lock can also be connected to your home WIFI network and remotely send a password or mobile phone command to help visitors who visit your home unlock the door.


Smart locks can be classified according to different situations. There are mainly the following four categories. Types of smart lock according to the place of use

1. Smart door lock for hotel door

Intelligent hotel door locks are mainly used in hotels, and their functions are relatively single. Generally speaking, the RFID key card smart hotel lock is the only choice.

2. smart lock for apartment doors:

Flat Smart Locks are generally used for renting houses, apartments, rooms and hotels. The functions are more targeted, including passwords, swiping cards, Bluetooth, temporary passwords, and networking.

3. home door smart locks:

The fingerprint smart home lock is used in our standard home. This type of lock is more common, and there are many ways to open it.

4. smart lock for security door

The smart security door lock is a smart lock specially designed for villa security doors. The most obvious difference between household locks is their appearance. At the same time, its stability will be higher, the material will be better, and the price will be higher.

5. office door smart lock

The smart office lock is specially designed for office glass doors, mainly used in shopping malls and office areas.

6. Smart lock for cabinet doors

Especially used in various storage cabinets, drawers, cupboards and other places. The types of cabinet locks available in the market speak to their demand. There are automatic locker types in which you can keep medicines, cleaning supplies, essential files or alcoholic beverages in a locker with an open door. Cabinet Door Lock Types have lever locks for storing important items. Also, different types of door locks are available for cabinet or locker lock types.

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