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Replacing the lock on your own or calling the master?

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Replacing the lock on your own or calling the master?

Replacing the lock – The more valuable the property, the better it should be locked up. And the more complex the lock, the more reliable it is. What happens if a good reliable lock brakes? And it can happen to anyone. And it’s good if it breaks unlocked and not in an emergency. The same applies to the situation with lost keys – if the last copy is lost or there is no time to wait for a spare, then the lock will have to be replaced.

How to proceed in such a case?

If the lock has broken locked, it will be much more difficult to dismantle it without the danger of damaging the door. At best, this will take a lot of time, at worst, the door, which is usually much more expensive than the lock, will also be damaged. And it is more difficult to replace it. And if it is the door of an expensive car or a solid door of a room where valuables are stored?

It is most reasonable to attract a qualified specialist with the necessary skills and a professional tool for this. And the door will remain as safe as possible, and the new lock will be installed so as to last as long as possible.

If the lock is open, but refuses to close normally

 the problem, at first glance, seems less – after all, it will be easier to dismantle the broken lock. But even then, not every lock lends itself to non-professional replacement. Even with tools. By inviting a professional master. You are guaranteed to solve this problem. Experience, skill, tools, components – this will allow you to cope with the replacement of the lock quickly and for sure.

How much does it cost to replace a lock?

This will depend on several factors. The first is the class of secrecy or burglary resistance of the lock. The higher it is, the more complex the mechanism and work with it, the more important the accuracy during installation, otherwise the new lock may break too quickly.

after all, it is important to perform them in such a way that the door is minimally damaged, and this will take time. And sometimes it turns out to be quite difficult.

However, these costs pay off. You don’t have to frantically look for how to open a locked door, how to dismantle a broken lock, waste time trying to cope with a completely unfamiliar job. The master of opening and replacing locks will solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

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