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Proper operation of door and garage locks

Proper operation of door and garage locks

Over time, people began to fence off their homes with fences, gates and doors that cannot be imagined without a lock. Previously, locks were used only to close extremely important objects. But at the moment, each person seeks to secure himself and his home as best as possible.

 Products such as door locks can gradually wear out, creak, and eventually become unusable. And there can be a huge number of reasons for such consequences. It is important to remember that it is not advisable to repair the lock yourself. Since even a banal replacement of the lock cylinder can bring problems. Carrying out such a procedure may be quite enough to restore the operation of a faulty lock, but if you approach it from the right side.

 If you operate the lock on the door or on the garage as correctly and accurately as possible. Then it will be possible to avoid breakage and replacement, which is far from the easiest process.

How to choose garage and door locks

Proper operation of door and garage locks

Initially, it is worth taking the choice of a lock with all seriousness so that it does not break when you first open or close the door. The purchase should be made only in specialized stores, where they can provide certificates for serviceability and for testing products.

 There are also a number of basic requirements for choosing locks.

  a high-quality lock should have several burglary protections

  • Do not give preference to too cheap goods
  • The use of lever locks is not desirable
  • If the lock has an armored cap mounted on a pin or a cylinder, then it can be easily hacked. And therefore this is far from the best option
  • Combination locks are considered one of the most unclaimed, as they break open in a couple of minutes.

How to care for door and garage locks

Every homeowner should be aware that locks need to be maintained by lubricating the top of the structure with machine oil. Also, when opening and closing, it is not advisable to turn the key over to the opposite side, as this can damage the teeth, the keyhole and. First of all, the secrets inside the lock. If you need to open the door, you do not need to use homemade hacking devices and master keys, since such actions can only harm the lock.

As now, the age of information technology is coming, electronic locks began to appear, to open which you do not need an iron key, but you need a special magnetic card encoded for this object. Hacking such locks is practically impossible, since special sensors installed will contradict it.

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