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The key is broken in the lock: what to do?

The key is broken in the lock: what to do?

A piece of key stuck in the keyhole is a very unpleasant situation, and many people have experienced this. As a rule, when a key breaks, a person involuntarily panics, because he cannot just get into his own apartment. This situation is aggravated by a number of factors: a kettle on the stove, a small child left alone, the iron not turned off, and so on.

 No one is immune from such situations, since even the strongest key can break if used incorrectly or by brute force. And therefore, it will be very useful to enlist a memo that will help to avoid such situations or tell you what to do if a key fragment is stuck in the keyhole.

 Why is this happening?

The most unfavorable outcome is the total breakdown of the key, when it breaks almost at the base. This can happen for 3 different reasons:


·         if you insert it into the keyhole and accidentally hit the ear with force;

·         if you apply too much force when the key is jammed in the lock;

·         if the rod was originally made of soft metals and deformed over time.

It is worth paying attention to the key itself, as you can protect yourself from such incidents. Did you find that the lock began to turn much tighter and open every other time, but at the same time the master lubricated it with special grease not so long ago? It’s probably all about the key. If its rod is bent and the teeth are worn out, then this can lead to jamming and, as a result, breakage.

 It is highly recommended to pay attention to the following alarming factors:


·         the key turns too tight in the lock and you have to make an effort;

·         during the closing / opening of the door, an unpleasant creak or some kind of extraneous sound is heard;

·         the bolt does not enter the lock completely, and therefore you have to pull the door towards you or to the side;

·         you can’t get the key out the first time because it’s like something is holding it inside.

If you find at least one of these factors, then you need to seek help from an experienced specialist. Perhaps you should change the key itself, and this will help correct the situation and prevent it from breaking.

 What should I do if the key is stuck in the lock and won’t come out?

Do not try to pull it even harder, because this way you can not only break the key, but also damage the locking mechanism of the lock, as a result of which it will have to be completely replaced with a new one.

 If the key does not pull out and does not turn, then seek help from specialized companies that can be found on the Internet. In extreme cases, you can call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and tell them about your situation. They will either help with valuable advice or send an operational team.

 How to pull out a chip

Now let’s go directly to the essence of the most important question: what if the key is broken, and its fragment remains in the lock? For starters, do not try to pull it out with another piece – the eyelet that was left in your hand. You will not be able to pick it up and only drive it even deeper into the well.

 If a chip protrudes even a millimeter from the slot – great! You can consider yourself very lucky. You can pull it out in the following way:


·         Find narrow nose pliers. Please note, not ordinary pliers, namely narrow-nosed pliers, as they are ideal for working with small objects, and the ribbed inner surface provides a strong grip. You can ask one of your neighbors or get them at any hardware/hardware store, they are inexpensive.

·         Gently pinch the chip. Try to press the handles of the narrow nose pliers a few times and make sure you have a really tight grip on the shank.

·         Pull the chip towards you. It is necessary to act slowly, do not pull.

There are 3 possible scenarios here. First: the key will give in, but tight, and then you need to move further along the rod over and over again. Second: the chip will come out without any difficulty. Third, the narrow nose pliers will come off and you will need to find another way.

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