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The difference between locks according to the locking mechanism

locking mechanism

The difference between locks according to the locking mechanism

Undoubtedly, reliability is the most important quality of a lock. But ease of use also plays a big role in choosing one or another model of the locking mechanism. Consider the main designs of locks according to the locking mechanism in terms of their reliability and ease of use.

Rigel castle

 Crossbar locks. “Rigel”, translated from German – bolt or valve. It is the deadbolt that is the main part of the mechanisms of this type. A distinctive feature of crossbar locks is the special design of the key. A sufficiently long key has characteristic oblique cuts of a certain shape. 

The lock is unlocked not due to the usual rotation of the key, but by its linear movement. Such a mechanism is quite popular and is often used for installation in doors of various types. Electromechanical crossbar locks have become the crowning achievement of the development of locks of a similar design today. They are equipped with door opening sensors and are equipped with an electric lock. The main disadvantage of crossbar locks is the need to use large and not always convenient keys.

Electronic lock

 Electronic locks are the embodiment of the latest developments of modern engineers. Appearing as a way to conveniently lock cars, the locking mechanisms of this design were smoothly “pumped” to the front doors. Opening of such locks occurs by using electronic keys, built-in panels, etc. In the reliability rating, many experts give the palm to electronic locks. The disadvantages of these locks, perhaps, include only a relatively high cost.

Code lock

Code locks. Such locking devices are most widely used in places where it is necessary to ensure high throughput. Combination locks are an integral attribute of many entrances of apartment buildings, industrial premises, and offices Using such locks, there is no need to give out keys to a huge number of people, because the necessary combination of numbers is stored in memory. Combination locks are quite unpretentious and reliable. The disadvantages of such structures include insufficient security against hacking.

Level lock

Lever and cylinder locks. Despite the fundamental differences in the designs of these types of locks, we will combine them into one category. The reason is simple – they are the most popular Cylinder lock More than 60% of the used locks fall on lever and cylinder locks. The main advantages of these structures are sufficiently high reliability, durability, ease of use and relatively low cost.

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