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How to install a security lock?

Security locks with bars are one of the safest mechanisms, similar to the benefit offered by armored doors. This system incorporates horizontal or vertical bars inside metallic or wooden openings.

The fixed bar model is activated from the internal side of the door manually. In contrast, the free bar lock moves when the mechanism is operated with the key from either side. In both cases, the bars are a device attached to the traditional surmount models to strengthen the structure and intensify security.

How to install a security lock?

The installation of a locking mechanism will depend on the type and model of the security lock, as well as the available surface and the knowledge of the installer. These factors can determine the complexity of the task.

Beyond the difficulty, the placement of a multipoint lock is recommended instead of simple models to increase the tranquility of the inhabitants or the owners. Next, you will be able to learn how to install a multipoint security lock instead of a simple lock.

  • Loosen the old lock.
  • Remove the handle and the entire frame.
  • Remove the bowler or cylinder, depending on the type of previous bolt.
  • Measure the new lock. You can mark the location with a pencil.
  • With a drill and a milling machine, make holes in the box to fix it on the door and make the channel where the anchor points will go. Calculate the depth well.
  • Cleans the remains of chips and metal.
  • Place the new lock helping you with a rubber mallet. Drill the missing holes and install the screws.
  • Finally, install the cylinder on the door, the frame, and the handle.

In some cases, hiring a professional locksmith is advised. For example, when it comes to changing a lock to a cylinder lock. In this way, you will save money and time because you can damage the mechanism if you use too much force or misplace the parts.

The most suitable lock depends on the type of door or platform

Buying the right security lock is an important step to securing what belongs to you. If you make the right choice, you will save money and time during lock installation and maintenance.

Discover which is the most suitable lock depending on the type of door or platform.


Mortise locks are ideal for wooden or metal doors due to their resistance.

Rim locks were used on old armored doors. They are usually installed in openings that need to be modified and do not have space for a built-in lock.

Digital locks are ideal for offices, hotels, and tourist apartments. More than the type of door, the type of power necessary to guarantee the correct operation of the device must be considered. Since, in some cases, a connection to the electrical network must be available. While other models have batteries.

Multipoint locks can be installed on security doors such as armored and armored doors. The placement of multipoint mortise locks on wooden doors that are not prepared is not recommended, because it could damage the structure of the opening. In these cases, the ideal is to opt for the multipoint rim lock.

The locks can be installed on any type of door. But its use is discouraged since it does not guarantee the minimum levels of security.

Tubular locks are not usually installed on doors. Instead, they are used in ATMs, display cabinets, and vending machines, among other objects.

Invisible security locks are perfect for limiting access to certain offices or rooms within the same company or house.

Security bar locks can be installed on metal or wooden doors.

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