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What are the 5 types of security locks that exist on the market

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you will learn what types of security locks exist on the market. You will be able to know its technical features and its applications.

You will discover how a bolt works and which is the most appropriate lock depending on the type of door.

1.     Multipoint locks

Multipoint locks are those that include several anchor points to guarantee greater security. A multipoint lock differs precisely from a deadbolt or bolt because the latter usually has a single anchor point. The more points, the more protection, and efficiency. In general, domestic models have 3 to 7 anchors, security locks.

In turn, multipoint locks can be sub-classified between mortise locks and rim locks. That is, they can be installed under both modalities. In addition to providing security, when the mechanism is embedded, it increases the rigidity of the door and prevents it from being forced open. For this reason, the embedded multipoint lock is one of the safest on the market.

2.     digital lock

The advancement of technology in the world of locksmithing is glimpsed with the creation of the electronic lock. Digital locks work with an electronic system that releases or blocks both the closing and opening of objects.

This device provides greater security since the ways to access are more limited. Unlike conventional mechanisms, it is not necessary to use a key. Instead, it can be activated with an electronic card, a digital device, a fingerprint reader, a code, or a remote control. Although they became popular in companies and accommodations, they are increasingly used in domestic settings in security locks.

3.     Gorges locks

The locks have an elongated opening instead of a bowler. The key that opens the mechanism is cylindrical and elongated and has two lateral bits at the end. It is one of the most conventional old keys, but that is not why they are safe. In fact, today it has largely lost its usefulness as professional opening systems have been created to breach the security they offer. The existence of magic keys to open locks of this type threatens the tranquility of any family or company. Therefore, the installation of security locks is currently discouraged.

4.     tubular locks

Tubular locks are an interesting and distinct element of the different types of security locks. The lock has a hollow circumference, while the key is formed by a raised circumference. This mechanism is subdivided into inline tubular locks and radial tubular locks.

5.     Invisible security locks

Invisible security locks belong to the group of electronic locks, but they stand out for being subtle. As they cannot be seen, they do not attract the attention of the curious or arouse the interest of thieves. This mechanism stands out because it is easy to install. It can be activated or deactivated to restrict access to delimited areas, to protect documents or to control access to certain areas.

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