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What a security lock is, the quality of the installed product

security lock – The effectiveness of the enclosures depends on the chosen method.

The quality of the installed  security lock

For this reason, it is essential to know the different types of security locks, their particular characteristics and their functions to guarantee an effective closure.

To begin with, it is key to take into account what a security lock is. In this case, it is a mechanism
designed to ensure the closure of openings and safes. Since they prevent and block the opening of
doors, gates and protection elements to store valuable personal items, such as money, jewelry and
important documentation.

security locks that exist

In this article, security lock you will learn what are the types of security locks that exist on the market. You will be able to know its technical features and its applications. You will discover how a bolt works and which is
the most appropriate lock depending on the type of door. Read on to secure your belongings!

The world of locksmiths

The world of locksmithing is broader than it seems. about  security lock We no longer speak only of a key, handle, latch or pin. The incorporation of new technologies and innovations in the field of home security have driven the
development of stronger, more resistant and more reliable locks.

The heterogeneity of products is the result of the growing need to guarantee the protection of personal
items, but also of the mass use of these products and the multiplicity of models of openings and safes
where to install them. Therefore, below, you will see what are the types of security locks available on
the market.

mortise locks

The mortise locks are embedded in the side of the openings. It is a convenient system because it goes
unnoticed since it is inside the door. The only thing visible to the naked eye is the bowler or hole for the
key and the handle. It is among the most popular locksmith mechanisms.

Recommended to install

this type of security locks on wooden or metal doors. The chosen material must be strong enough to support the bolt. On the market, you will find both traditional mortise locks and security mortise locks.

Rim locks

Rim locks are a practical alternative to mortise locks. They are installed on the door leaf itself, on its
internal side. security lock For this reason, they can be covered with a casing that fulfills a double function, both aesthetic and protective for the mechanism. Likewise, rim locks are classified into those with a single locking point and multipoint locks with several bolts.

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