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LOCKS TIGHTEN When the lock jams, it is usually the cylinder that is faulty. The pins are positioned such that the block
rotor. … In other cases, the pins are completely broken. Aging and lack of maintenance are to blame in
most cases. Why is my lock blocked? A latch lock is usually caused by a problem with the cylinder. When
the key is not inserted in the slot, the lock spring pins lock the cylinder rotor. A suitable wrench must be
used to rotate this element.

Fix a stuck lock

It is better to use a specially adapted lubricant. locks by following the instructions. You can lubricate the
lock before winter, taking precautions. In case of a crooked door, try to straighten a door to remove it.
jammed lock.

Remove a stuck 3-point lock

Unscrew the screw on the side of the door. Turn the key to release the roller. lock and remove without
breaking. After the barrel is removed, unscrew all the screws securing the barrel. the lock is at the door.
Gently pull the lock to take it out.

Open 3 point lock

LOCKS TIGHTEN when the key goes into the lock, can turn the cylinder but it is locked halfway and no longer unlocks the bolt.
Primarily, the points between the daglocking are made up and down by performing the handle
movements. This is a European type double cylinder lock (wooden door in wood).

Care should be taken to place the credit card at a right angle as much as possible so that the angle of the
card touches the door handle. As with the radio technique, it will be necessary to play on the lock to get
it to open. How to open a blocked 3-point entrance door? when LOCKS TIGHTEN If it doesn’t work the first time, try operating
the lock bottom-up or top-down. Giving small sharp blows, the door should beaver easily. In case the
door just slams, you can then take your keys and close it normally. Which product to loosen a lock? One
of the methods is unlock lock the LOCKS TIGHTEN , you have the chance to choose one of the two products according to the

Open the locks tighten with a screwdriver 

As the turneries turns clockwise and then counterclockwise, you will make very slight straight
movements (from left to right or vice versa). The aim is to open the force by moving the elements that
make up the unlocking mechanism.

Open a locked armored door when locks tighten

LOCKS TIGHTEN – The door is mechanically closed a Keywords, you will have no choice but to call a locksmith. The most
common and easiest technique is to  the door slammed open. It consists of placing an element
between the bolt and the strike plate to retract the bolt and retract the bolt. door opens.

Unlock the front door when LOCKS TIGHTEN 

LOCKS TIGHTEN – The simplest method remains to warm up the key. unlock front door sticky substance. To do this, use a
lighter to heat the key for a few seconds without burning yourself. Be careful not to expose it to fire for
too long: this may damage your key.

The 3-point lock work

LOCKS TIGHTEN – This lock is like a classic model that works with 3 points from the front door but with 3 points closing it
hangs. When the switch is operated, the closing bolt engages with the lock plate, which is the metal part
of the lock mechanism. the lock is mounted on the door frame.


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