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Home security starts with a door lock

Based on experience, people know little about door lock and find it difficult to choose the right one in
the store. After completing the construction of a house, which requires a lot of time, knowledge and
patience, there may not be enough strength left to think through the locking systems in detail, as a
result of which the choice of one of the most important details of the house – door lock, is left to
chance. In new apartment buildings, the conditions are dictated by the developer, who chooses and
installs the locks himself. If you manage to insert your word, then you can get a more convenient and
reliable solution.

How to choose a door lock?
Today, people are trying to secure their home more. When choosing a door lock, first of all, pay
attention to its reliability, safety and convenience. Then comes the compatibility with the interior and
exterior. Although there are a huge number of sites devoted to door lock on the Internet, it is better to
contact a store specializing in door locks for comprehensive advice.
It is advisable to choose a lock before the door is ordered. The decision depends, first of all, on whether
you choose a lock for a private house or apartment, and on who will use the lock – a family or one
person, whether there are children, elderly people, animals in the family.

  • Then questions related to the functionality of the door lock should be clarified. Do you want a
    mechanical or electronic lock, the ability to open the door with a conventional or electronic key?
    If mechanical, high security door lock or regular lock, self-locking lock, lock body with regular or bent
    tongue, lock core with patented key control or not?
  • If an existing lock or part of it needs to be replaced, before going to the store, it is necessary to
    measure the existing lock and take a picture of the lock and door look

For a family, an electromechanical lock is suitable
There are several ways to open an electromechanical lock: contactless card, remote control, digital
code, mobile phone. If there are schoolchildren in the family, then an electromechanical lock would be
the best choice. Since children are constantly losing their keys, the new locking system that opens with a
mobile phone is great. If a child loses a mobile phone, parents can remotely open the lock from their
phone. Later, parents themselves can revoke the right to open locks from a lost phone. Since additional
wiring is required to install an electromechanical lock, the lock system should be considered at the
design stage of the building or before ordering doors. If additional wiring is not installed, then you can
choose an electromechanical lock powered by batteries.

Master systems make real estate operation more convenient

Locks can be configured so that one key opens multiple doors or multiple keys open one door. For
example, in apartment buildings, master systems allow apartment owners to open the door of an
entrance, a basement box, a mailbox, and an apartment with one key. In office buildings, cleaners will
thus gain the necessary access to the premises. In private homes, locks can be customized for each
family member. For example, the fathers key opens the doors of the house and utility rooms, the
mailbox and the garage. Children can only open the mailbox and the door of the house with their keys.

A door is only as strong as its weakest link.
We must not forget that no lock with high secrecy guarantees security. All parts of the door must be
strong – the lock, the striker plate, the lintel and the door hinges. If the condition and strength of the
door leaves much to be desired, even the most secret lock will be of little use. But a good lock will never
weaken a door and can be repositioned on a new door.

  • The security of the lock, its protection against burglary and vandalism is ensured by the strength
    of the body and the core of the lock. Since its invention in 1907, the disc cylinder door lock has been a
    symbol of safety and quality.
  • Owners of private houses and apartments on the ground floor should think about the reliability
    of not only door lock, but also window and balcony locks, because, without getting through the
    door, thieves may try to enter the premises in other ways.
  • Experts advise installing a door lock with high secrecy and a regular door lock on the front door lock. The latter can be
    opened from the outside with a key and from the inside with a rotary knob. This is especially convenient
    when leaving the house. A lock with high security must be opened from the outside and from the inside
    with a key. The development manager advises locking the lock with high security if you are at home, so
    that in case of danger, such as fire, you can quickly leave the building. The main purpose of high security
    locks is to make breaking as difficult as possible.

Why is copy protection needed?
The concern primarily manufactures patented door lock with enhanced burglary protection and copy-
protected keys. That is, additional keys can only be ordered from official distributors upon presentation
of a special card. Such a card, which contains the secret key code, the number of keys and the date of
issue, is issued upon purchase of a lock from an official distributor. If the card is lost, it is impossible to
make additional keys and you should contact the official distributor
In the interests of safety, in this case, it is advised to recode or replace the door lock cylinder.
Key protection against copying is useful, first of all, when buying an apartment or renting it out. This
excludes entry into the premises, if suddenly the former tenant or owner made an additional set of keys.

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