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Locking systems as level and cylinder

The door leaf can be equipped with locks not only of a domestic manufacturer but also with foreign-made locks because of such main types of locking systems as level and cylinder.

Lever lock system

Locking systems 2th type completed  with a package of levers – special plates used as a secret mechanism. Such most often chosen as the main ones and are necessary to actuate the entire crossbar group and additional points, if any. The key of the lever system has a characteristic butterfly shape.

The most popular method of opening such systems is to roll up the lever package or drill out the deadbolt shank. Collapsing. Folding refers to the power methods of opening lock systems. The method consists in introducing a roll – a special tool with its subsequent scrolling with a lever from the outside because the process of folding  the secret mechanism breaks and the bolt is deformed because the  technique of direct manipulation using standard Hobbs master keys is often used for opening.

Direct manipulation technique

Locking systems 2th type. This technique allows you to open the lock system using a pair of master keys inserted into the keyhole.

so becoming more and more popular is the self-impression technique, which uses self-typed keys.


Locking systems 3th type. This technique consists in the use of a self-dialing key that allows you to open the lock. so the key contains moving parts that will move together with the secret parts of the lock and exposed to the swivel

Cylinder mechanisms

Locking systems 4th type. These systems often referred to as intelligent security. The cylinders of such locks use a system consisting of a large number of elements.

Locking systems the most popular method for opening such systems is considered to be bumping, folding, or pulling and tearing because these are the best method and better approach


Locking systems 5th type. This technique is based on the longitudinal impact because of the secret element of the cylinders.


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